Field Mushrooms with Bacon and Blue Cheese

hotel : The Castle Hotel in Bishops Castle : front view (100x125)Rare Recipe from The Castle Hotel, Bishop's Castle

Bishops Castle is just down the road from Ludlow, which for a time boasted more Michelin starred restaurants than London! The Castle doesn't do Michelin, but they use the same local suppliers. The Castle aims to produce modern, good pub food that is healthy, hearty, flavoursome and fresh.

Field Mushrooms with Bacon and Blue Cheese (serves 4)

recipe : Field Mushroom with Bacon and Blue Cheese : The Castle Hotel, Bishop's Castle (300x250)



  1. Grill four field mushrooms with a little oil drizzled on both sides to keep them soft.
  2. Meanwhile dice one small onion and fry with four rashers of diced bacon until onions are soft and bacon is slightly crispy. Add two handfuls of baby spinach to the mixture and fry for a further 1 minute.
  3. Once the field mushrooms are nicely cooked through place the mixture on top of the upturned mushrooms then add a generous slice of blue cheese of your choice. Stilton or Shropshire Blue are highly recommended. (If you don't like blue cheese then a strong Cheddar also makes a great topping).
  4. Return the topped mushrooms to the grill for a further two minutes to melt the cheese.
  5. Serve on a bed of dressed leaves and a slice of bread. You can also slice the mushrooms if you prefer to create a different serving effect.